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Quality Policy

NAVIGATOR Ltd recognizes that Quality Management is a primary factor in meeting customer requirements and developing trusting relationships with them, elements that are key to maintaining and expanding business operations. To meet this goal, a Quality Management System is implemented in compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.
The Management of NAVIGATOR Ltd is committed to the continuous implementation of the Quality Management System, as well as to the continuous and uninterrupted participation of all staff in the provision of services of strict specifications to customers. The Management is also committed to the continuous improvement of the System Quality, through the review and revision of both this and the set quality objectives, as well as to comply with the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.
All staff working at NAVIGATOR Ltd ensure that the company's services satisfy customers and are provided in accordance with the requirements and/or specifications of the purpose for which they are intended.
In this context, the following are defined as the company's general quality objectives:
• The continuous effort to improve services and reduce the cost of providing them.
• The continuous strengthening of the Company's position in the market, as well as the further increase of its share in it.
• The continuous improvement of the financial position through the increase of profitability.
• Maintaining and enhancing the company's good reputation in terms of quality, service, and reliability.
The achievement of these general objectives is achieved by applying methods of control, monitoring and measurement of all processes that fall under the functions of design and production of products / services, supplies and collaborations, technical support, etc., as well as by the definition of specific measurable quality objectives.
This level of control ensures that all services are delivered in an efficient and cost-effective sequence of activities, as well as meeting all identified customer requirements.
The Management Representative in the Quality Management System is the Quality Management Officer. In this role, he will be responsible for ensuring the continuous implementation of the documented quality system throughout the business.
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