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7 nights

7 nights cruise in Galapagos

with Celebrity Xploration
Departure Port
Baltra (Galapagos) (Equador)
Ports of Call
Baltra (Galapagos) (Equador),Mosquera Islet (Galapagos),Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz) (Galapagos),Rabida Island (Galapagos),Las Tintoreras (Galápagos Archipelago, Ecuador),Puerto Villamil (Isabella),Bahia Post Office (Floreana),Cormorant Point (Floreana Island, Galapagos),Cerro Brujo (San Cristobal, Galapagos),Kicker Rock (San Cristobal),San Cristobal (Ecuador),Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz) (Galapagos),Punta Suarez (Espagnola),Gardner Bay (Espanola),Daphne Island (Galapagos),Baltra (Galapagos) (Equador)
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Experience the most untouched areas of the world with just the right touch of pampering.  600 miles off the western coast of Ecuador lies a group of islands so isolated that many of its creatures cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Welcome to the Galapagos, the inspiration for Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. On his 1835 expedition, Darwin found a cluster of islands formed four to five million years ago when underwater volcanoes erupted in the Pacific Ocean. Today, these rock outcroppings, rivers of frozen lava, and coral beaches form a varied landscape that's home to the islands' collection of rare birds and animals.

Baltra (Galapagos), Equador

Baltra Island,or Isla Baltra is as small island of the Galapagos Island.Also known as South Seymour(named after Lord Hugh Seymour),Baltra is a small flat island located near the created by geological upfit.The island is very arid and vegetation consists of salt bushes,prickly pear cactus and palo santo trees.

Cerro Brujo, San Cristobal, Galapagos

Cerro Brujo is located on the north coast of San Cristobal Island.Its main attraction is the powder like sandy beach other than species if flora and fauna.In the lagoon located at Cerro Brujo the people of Port Barquerizo Moreno mine salt for preserving cod beed and tortoise.Today it is a place for watching lake and coastal birds.Cerro Brujo offers an excellent landscape where you can see kicker Rock geological formation the southern part of Upper San Cristobal and the coast adjacent to Cerro Brujo.

Cormorant Point, Floreana Island, Galapagos

Floreana Island is an island of the Galápagos Islands in which lies Punta Cormorant. There is a green olivine beach to see sea lions and a short walk past a lagoon to see flamingos, rays, sea turtles.

Daphne Island (Galapagos)

Daphne Island has much to offer to those who love volcanos due to a tuff crater that exists on the island. Also visitors who love birds might have the only chance to see some of the most spectacular species.

Daphne Island at Galapagos is devided in two islands Daphne Major and Minor. Daphne Major is a volcanic island just north of Santa Cruz Island and just west of the Baltra Airport in the archipelago Colon. Although easily accessible to most visitors to the Galapagos,the national park service has restricted visits to the island. Daphne Major is the area in which two biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant examined for about 20 years examined the behaviour and life cycles of finches, with the results confirming Darwin's theory of evolution.

Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz), Galapagos

Santa Cruz is the only island in Galapagos where tourists can readily experience the interior and higher elevations of a Galapagos island.The variety of geology,wildlife and vegetation attracted people.The farmers planted crops such as avocados,coffee,sugarcane,bananas,oranges and lemons.

Gardner Bay (Espanola)

This is one of the prettiest beaches in the Galapagos stroling along the shore is quite an experience as the beache is usually packed with sea lions of all kind.

On the North coast of Espanola there is one of the longest beaches in Galapagos. They are actually two adjoining beaches with a total length of 1.300 meters. This is one of the prettiest beaches in the Galapagos stroling along the shore is quite an experience as the beache is usually packed with sea lions of all kinds babies, sleeping mothers and off and on grouching bulls trying to impress the females and other younger bulls it is also a site where a few turtls nest every year

Kicker Rock (San Cristobal)

Kicker Rock is an outstanding location that you will naver forget!

Sleeping lion or Kicker Rock is a rock formation, located on the coast of Isla San Cristobal in the Galapagos Archipelago.It is a magnificent island in the middle of the sea, It is the remnant of an ancient volcanic cone.It consists of two vertical walls with a channel in the center provides a haven for sharks and other fish species such as barracuda and rainbow fish.For those who adore sea activities,the island offers an amazing snorkelling and diving experience.The rock itself is amazing and the sea life you see there is unbelivible!You will have the chance to experience swimming with sharks,turtles and rays.


Las Tintoreras, Galápagos Archipelago, Ecuador

Las Tintoreras on Isabela Island offers a memorable and awe-inspiring experience for nature lovers, providing a glimpse into the pristine and extraordinary world of the Galápagos Islands.


Las Tintoreras, located in Isabela Island, Galápagos Archipelago, Ecuador, is a captivating visitor site renowned for its volcanic formations and abundant marine life. The area's distinctive lava formations create natural channels and tunnels in the crystalline waters, making guided tours a fascinating experience. Snorkelers are treated to encounters with diverse marine species, including white-tip reef sharks, sea lions, marine iguanas, penguins, and rays, amidst a vibrant array of colorful fish. Strict conservation measures are in place, ensuring visitors can appreciate and respect the fragile ecosystem while immersing themselves in the pristine beauty of the Galápagos Islands.


Mosquera Islet, Galapagos

Mosquera Islet is located in Galapagos Islands. It is full of coral rocks and reefs, while many sea lions are inhabited there. 

Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz), Galapagos

Puerto Ayora is in Santa Cruz island and it is the largest city of the Galapagos islands, ready to welcome the numerous tourists that visit the area every year. It is a nice starting point for exploring all the islands. It is a small, picturesque place, easy to explore. Discover the Tortuga Bay, a great beach with white sand and live the experience of scuba diving. Admire the beautiful wildlife. Puerto Ayora is certainly the best place to stay as it offers many options of luxury and relaxation.

Bahia Post Office, Floreana

Floreana is an island of Galapagos islands and a famous tourist destination. Many cruisers visit the area to see the Bahia Post Office. It is the reason why this area boasts for. This post office was established by whalers in 18th century by using only a rum barrel. The way it works is still the same! Tourists can, also, explore the Punta Cormorant of Floreana. Get the experience of snorkelling at Bahia Correo and get in touch with cute sea creatures such as sea lions, rays, sea turtles and flamingos.

Punta Suarez, Espagnola

Espanola Island is a popular tourist destination in Galapagos islands. Punta Suarez is a picturesque spot in this area famous for its wildlife. Sea lions, large iguanas and numerous species of birds are possible to be seen here. It is, also, the only place in the world that albatross nest. It has scenic white sandy beaches so it is a nice opportunity for diving and snorkelling activities. The rocky volcanic surroundings make the scenery unique and perfect for photographs!

Puerto Villamil, Isabella

Puerto Villamil is a small port at Isabella island in the Galapagos. The must-see tourist spot is the broadwalk that connects the park with the Tortoise Breeding Center in order to protect the species of Isabella Tortoises. 

Rabida Island, Galapagos

Rábida Island, is one of the Galápagos Islands. The island has also been known as Jervis Island named in honour of the 18th-century British admiral John Jervis. In Ecuador it is officially known as Isla Rábida. The island is located in the eastern Pacific Ocean, has red sand beaches and a saltwater lagoon inhabited by flamingos and a bachelor sea lion colony. The landscape is studded with small volcanic craters along sharp slopes and cliffs. The rich wildlife attracts a large number of tourists.

San Cristobal, Ecuador

San Cristobal is the easternmost island in the Galápagos archipelago, and one of the oldest geologically. Its name comes from the patron saint of seafarers, St. Christopher. "Kicker Rock" is a worth-visiting area that represents the remains of a lava cone. It is a magnificent island in the middle of the sea. For those who adore sea activities,the island offers an amazing snorkelling and diving experience. The sea life you see there is unbelievable! You will have the chance to experience swimming with sharks, turtles, dolphins and rays.

from €5,614.00
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Day City/Port Arrival Departure
1 Baltra (Galapagos), Equador ------ 15:00
1 Mosquera Islet, Galapagos 16:00 18:00
2 Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz), Galapagos 07:00 11:30
2 Rabida Island, Galapagos 14:30 18:00
3 Las Tintoreras, Galápagos Archipelago, Ecuador 08:00 11:30
3 Puerto Villamil, Isabella 15:00 18:00
4 Bahia Post Office, Floreana 08:00 11:30
4 Cormorant Point, Floreana Island, Galapagos 15:00 18:00
5 Cerro Brujo, San Cristobal, Galapagos 08:00 11:00
5 Kicker Rock (San Cristobal) 14:45 15:45
5 San Cristobal, Ecuador 16:30 18:30
6 Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz), Galapagos 08:00 18:00
7 Punta Suarez, Espagnola 08:00 11:00
7 Gardner Bay (Espanola) 14:30 18:00
8 Daphne Island (Galapagos) 06:00 ------
8 Baltra (Galapagos), Equador 08:00 00:00
from €5,614.00
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Celebrity Xploration

Celebrity Xploration, your clients will experience the Galapagos on a vacation like no other. Sixteen guests will be indulged with seamlessly intuitive service and every creature comfort possible. This intimate ship is perfect for family get-togethers, getaways with friends, and small groups who want to explore together. Celebrity Xploration features new itineraries with ports of call we’ve never before visited.

Al Fresco
Open during the day and night. Great place to recount the day's activities and relax with friends. In addition, lunch, and on special occasions dinner, is served here.

Sun Deck
One of the most popular areas onboard the ship, the Sun Deck is ideal for whale watching, stargazing, or relaxing in the hot tub.

Its relaxing indoor atmosphere is perfect for reading, watching a documentary, or having a cocktail. In addition, this is the area where most Naturalist briefings take place.


Inaugural Date 2016
Gross Tonnage 320
Length 93 ft
Max Beam 37 ft
Cruising Speed 10 knots
Guest Capacity (Double Occupancy)                           16                        
Staff Size 10
Decks 3

from €5,614.00
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Celebrity Cruises

Since Celebrity's first sailing in 1990, it has been recognized as an industry leader, praised for providing spacious, stylish interiors; dining experiences elevated to an art form; personalized service, with a guest-to-staff ratio of nearly 2:1 and unexpected, trendsetting onboard activities, all designed to provide an unmatchable experience for vacationers' precious time. The introduction of Celebrity Cruises' stylish, widely heralded Solstice Class of ships has reinforced Celebrity's position as an industry leader.

It all began when Celebrity Cruises was founded in 1989 with the objective of fulfilling the travel industry's need for a high-quality, premium cruise product at an intelligent price. The company was determined to set a new, worldwide standard for cruising, and to create a distinctive expression of superior quality, grand style, attentive service, spacious accommodations, and exceptional cuisine. Believing that the dining experience is an essential part of a quality cruise vacation, Celebrity custom-built galleys to create the finest gourmet cuisine at sea, preparing everything from scratch, using only the finest, freshest ingredients. Along with the launch of the Century Class fleet in 1995, Celebrity created another industry first: a luxurious spa experience within the environment of a cruise ship, with the introduction of the AquaSpa® by Elemis. In 1997, Celebrity Cruises merged with Royal Caribbean International, bringing together two extraordinary cruise brands within one corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

In 2000, Celebrity launched the appropriately named Celebrity Millennium, and with it the industry's first application of gas turbine engines, which reduce exhaust emissions by up to 95 percent over traditional propulsion systems. Celebrity Millennium and her sister ships - Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Summit and Celebrity Constellation - nearly doubled the line's capacity in just two years (2000-2002), with each ship offering guests an unmatched dining experience in distinctive, intimate specialty restaurants. Celebrity Millennium's "Olympic," Celebrity Infinity's "S.S. United States," Celebrity Summit's "Normandie" and Celebrity Constellation's "Ocean Liners" each boast original paneling and artifacts from the famed transatlantic luxury liners after which they are named ("Ocean Liners'"includes paneling from the Ile de France), and feature dramatic tableside cooking, carving and flambé in the true French style. 

Celebrity has offered rich, pampering experiences since its inception. More than 100 brand enhancements and new "tastes of luxury" were unveiled across the fleet in 2003, including welcome champagne and mimosas, cold towels and fresh sorbet poolside, expanded options in dining, including Sushi Cafés and pasta/pizza bars, sunset yoga and Pilates classes, and more. During the same year, Celebrity introduced "Concierge Class," an enhanced level of accommodations featuring new amenities and priority services, and introduced "Acupuncture at Sea," another undisputed industry first. 

In 2004, the line launched "Celebrity Xpeditions," a series of highly unique events and excursions designed to offer savvy travelers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to be treated famously in new environments. The one-of-a-kind program gives guests the premium experiences they have come to expect from Celebrity, in new and exotic settings, including cruises in the enchanting Galapagos Islands on a luxurious mega yacht, Celebrity Xpedition, and a series of premium excursion options on select itineraries. 

Today, among Celebrity’s ten ships are its Solstice Class ships, which exemplify Celebrity's emphasis on designing stunning ships and inviting onboard experiences for vacationers who appreciate the finer things. The ships have taken stylish cruising and impeccable service to new heights. Celebrity Solstice set sail in 2008, Celebrity Equinox in 2009, and Celebrity Eclipse in 2010. All three hold 2,850 guests (double occupancy) and have a tonnage of 122,000. Celebrity Silhouette joined the fleet in 2011 and Celebrity Reflection in 2012. Celebrity Silhouette holds 2,886 guests (double occupancy) and has a tonnage of 122,400. Celebrity Reflection holds 3,030 guests and has a tonnage of 126,000.

Celebrity's Solstice Class features the industry's first "Lawn Club" - an outdoor, country club-like venue featuring a lawn of real, growing grass where guests can practice their putting, play lawn games like croquet and lawn bowling, or simply relax under the sun and stars; the first Hot Glass Show at sea, presented in collaboration with The Corning Museum of Glass; and a slate of breathtaking new shows created in partnership with POET Theatricals. The Solstice Class also offers larger, more intuitive staterooms influenced by "Celebrity's Leading Ladies," five Boomer women with unique travel and hospitality insights. The new ships present fewer inside staterooms than other ships - 90% of the ships' staterooms offer outside views and 85% of staterooms have verandas - and feature an entirely new category of staterooms, "AquaClass," designed with spa enthusiasts in mind, offering a host of exclusive amenities. AquaClass guests enjoy unlimited access to the Relaxation Room and Persian Garden, as well as priority seating in Blu, a specialty restaurant with healthy dishes created specifically for AquaClass guests. The ships also present a two-story AquaSpa, with the Relaxation Room and Persian Garden similar to those found on several other Celebrity ships. Celebrity's Solstice Class ships also are the first in the industry to utilize solar technology, with some of the solar panels serving the dual purpose of providing shade within the Solarium as well as energy production. Celebrity Silhouette introduced several new venues, including The Lawn Club Grill, the industry's first outdoor, interactive grill venue; The Porch, with a chic Hampton's-style design, and offering casual breakfasts and lunches overlooking The Lawn Club and the sea; The Art Studio, where guests can participate in intimate, hands-on instruction from experts in drawing, painting and beading, as well as the art of food, with culinary-themed classes; The Alcoves, eight cabana-style settings for partial or all-day rentals on the perimeter of The Lawn Club, offering themed picnic baskets, an á la carte beverage menu and WiFi; and The Hideaway, with its avant-garde, cozy, tree house design, creating a quiet retreat for reading a good book or a high-tech escape for vacationers relaxing with iPads, which are available to rent. 

Dining on Celebrity's ships is an exceptional experience. The vision of our James Beard featured chef for creating fresh, exciting, innovative dining experiences has produced such successes as Qsine, the "uniquely unordinary" specialty restaurant first introduced on Celebrity Eclipse, and the Lawn Club Grill, the first outdoor, interactive barbecue grill experience at sea introduced on Celebrity Silhouette. Our culinary vision is evident everywhere, from the recipes and ingredients to the table presentation to the service. Our hope is that you'll leave a Celebrity cruise having tried new tastes and gained a deeper appreciation for the way cuisine can influence your experiences. Before the launch of Celebrity Solstice in 2008, Celebrity Cruises had five specialty restaurants fleetwide; by the end of 2012, there be 45 in total.

Just as we elevated Celebrity's culinary excellence, Celebrity's Solstice® Class has redefined the brand overall. Many of the design elements, experiences and dining concepts introduced on the Solstice Class ships are so compelling that in early 2010, Celebrity announced plans to "Solsticize" its Millennium Class ships by incorporating iconic Solstice Class attributes through a significant revitalization. The first ship to be "Solsticized" was Celebrity Constellation®, that same year. Since then, four other ships have been enhanced to a Solstice Class sheen. 

With its pulse on what guests want, and with an eye toward the future, Celebrity Cruises continues to innovate and to deliver unforgettable, award-winning vacation experiences.

from €5,614.00
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