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12 nights cruise in Expedition Cruising

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Hamburg,Kiel Canal,Christiansø Island (Denmark),Saaremaa (Estonia),Gotska Island (Baltic Sea),Gnaggen (Sweden),Ornskoldsvik (Sweden),Vaasa,Valsorarna (Finland),Oulou (Finland),Kalajoki (Finland),Rauma (Finland),Oro Island (Finland),Ulko Island (Finland),Helsinki (Finland)
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Christiansø Island, Denmark

Enjoy the scenery, buildings, fortifications and animal life while you are here. And the museums in Store Tårn and Lille Tårn are definitely worth a visit. Visit this beautiful island and get to know its typical island culture.


Gnaggen, Sweden

Gnäggen barely protrudes above the waters of the Gulf of Bothnia, Exploring the coastline, your eyes will pick out ledges overflowing with the messy guano and seaweed nests of Great Cormorants while your ears hear high-pitched squeaks from deep crevices, where the strikingly handsome Black Guillemots make their home (how those naming the bird omitted mention of the blood red legs is a mystery). Such seabird treasure naturally attracts pirates. Loitering on prominent rocks are the bulky Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls. Nature can be raw along the High Coast of Sweden.

Gotska Island, Baltic Sea

Gotska Sandön is an island in the Baltic Sea, 8 km (5.0 mi) across. It lies 40 km (25 mi) north of Gotland, 85 km (53 mi) south-east of the Scandinavian mainland and some 200 km (120 mi) south-west from Åland and Finnish Utö. All of it is a national park. Often described as "an island for the soul", this is the Baltic's most isolated island, a lovely place to unwind, watch the horizon, and take long walks listening to the wind in the pine trees.


Hamburg is a modern city with a strong sense of history and can be proud of one of the most special collections of artistic and architectural monuments in Europe, like the church of Agios Nikolaos and the ancient settlement. Furthermore with all the entertainment options you'd expect from the second largest city of Germany, Hamburg proved to be an incredible destination for foreign visitors.

Helsinki, Finland

A city with spacial character and traditions, Helsinki, the capital of Finland is an architectural gem. Combining classic style, baroque and modern design, Helsinki is a vibrant city with a unique culture, heritage and beauty. The best way to enjoy this beauty is on a walk, or a ride by a public bike.

Kiel Canal

The Kiel Canal know ase the Kaiser-Wihelm- Kanal until 1948,is a 98-kilometre long canal in the German state of Schleswing-Holstein.The canal links the North Sea at Brunsbuttel to the Baltic Sea at Kiel-Holtenau.The main shopping center is extensive and predestrianised.There are good deparartment stores and a major shopping centre with a covered market selling fresh goodies.Its all done in the best possible taste.

Kalajoki, Finland

Kalajoki is a vibrant seaside city with 12,400 residents and an environment that is better by a point for living and working. The sea, river valleys, vast open fields and the sand dunes of Hiekkasärkät provide a diverse and beautiful environment to live, work, be active and enjoy leisure activities in.

Oro Island, Finland

The Örö fortress island is a special destination, even on the scale of the Archipelago National Park. The island extends across slightly over 200 hectares, but the sea surrounding the main island – including its numerous small islands and islets – add to its total area. In addition to having a typical island ecosystem, Örö is home to some unique habitats. The most precious of these are the invaluable scorched heathlands and sandy beaches that have remained due to the period lasting for over 100 years, during which time the island has been a closed fortress.

Oulou, Finland

Oulu is a city in central Finland, where the Oulujoki River meets the Bay of Bothnia. Its waterfront square, Kauppatori, is home to food stalls and the Toripolliisi, a squat policeman statue. The Tietomaa Science Centre offers interactive exhibits and a large cinema screen for 3D films. Nearby, the Oulu Museum Of Art showcases regional works. The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum chronicles the city's cultural history.

Ornskoldsvik, Sweden

From the mountains near Örnsköldsvik, the Gulf of Bothnia stretches out to the horizon. Mostly known as an industrial town at the forefront of environmentally friendly technology, the city is set among some of Sweden’s most amazing natural landscapes. Explore the snowy slopes on skis or learn about the history of this interesting part of the country in the area’s many small museums. Either way, enjoy the fresh air during your visit to Örnsköldsvik.

Rauma, Finland

With its narrow cobbled streets lined with painted wooden cottages and overflowing flower boxes may seem a little tween to the urbanite, but once you let yourself be charmed by the old world fairy tale magic, you'll soon fall in love. Rauma also has the happy tag of being the largest unified wooden city in the Nordic countries and has an honorary UNESCO World Heritage badge to prove it.


Saaremaa, Estonia

Saaremaa is located in the Baltic Sea it is the largest island in Estonia, and it is lockated, west of Muhu island and south of Hiiumaa island, it is in the West Estonian Archipelago. Kuressaare is the capital of the island, in 2018 had about 13,000 inhabitants.
The territory of Saaremaa has been inhabited from at least 5000 BCE. Archaeological finds of Nordic Iron Age ship burials, have been found in Sõrve Peninsula dated to AD 700–750,
Saaremaa was the home of notorious pirates, it was the wealthiest county of ancient Estonia.

Ulko Island, Finland

Ulko-Tammio Island is one of the most easterly islands in the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park and is known for its natural beauty. During the Second World War however, the island was a military outpost that helped to defend Finland from Russia.
The island is an important stopover during the spring migration of Arctic breeding bird species, and thus draws many birdwatchers to its rocky shores, in the months of April and May. Summer visitors can enjoy the species that breed on the island, such as Lesser Black-backed Gull, Arctic Tern, Razorbill and Black Guillemot to name but a few. The latter with its striking black and white plumage and bright red feet is also the emblem of the national park.
From the birding tower in the middle of the island, one’s eye can follow the red-brown rocky coastline and bathe in the relaxing vistas of stunted pine forests, copses of broad-leafed trees and brightly coloured wildflower meadows.

Valsorarna, Finland

Valsörarna is a beautiful and unique destination that offers visitors the opportunity to experience the rugged beauty and rich cultural heritage of the Kvarken archipelago. 

Valsörarna is a group of islands located in the Kvarken archipelago.

The Valsörarna islands are known for their rugged and remote landscapes, as well as their rich history and cultural heritage.

The islands are home to a variety of wildlife, including seabirds, seals, and other marine life. The islands are also known for their lighthouses, which have been guiding ships through the rocky waters of the Gulf of Bothnia for over a century.

from €6,350.00
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Day City/Port Arrival Departure
1 Hamburg ------ 22:00
2 Kiel Canal 02:30 13:30
3 Christiansø Island, Denmark 06:00 09:45
4 Saaremaa, Estonia 10:00 19:30
5 Gotska Island, Baltic Sea 06:30 12:00
6 Gnaggen, Sweden 09:00 09:00
6 Ornskoldsvik, Sweden 13:00 19:00
7 Vaasa 07:00 12:00
7 Valsorarna, Finland 16:00 20:00
8 Oulou, Finland 13:00 01:00
9 Kalajoki, Finland 09:00 18:00
10 Rauma, Finland 13:30 19:00
11 Oro Island, Finland 07:30 18:00
12 Ulko Island, Finland 07:30 ------
13 Helsinki, Finland 06:00 00:00
from €6,350.00
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from €6,350.00
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Silversea Cruises

Let us take you on a personal journey of discovery. Amid the tranquillity of the sea and the exuberance of distant lands, we will arouse your curiosity and seduce your senses. We will stimulate your imagination and spark new insights. Our aim is to create experiences that will enrich your life for years to come. From the moment you step onboard to the time you say "Arrivederci", our Italian sense of style will shine. The ebullience of our hospitality, the genuine warmth of our service and our evident appreciation of the finer things in life are genial qualities of our founders and owners. They are the principles on which Silversea were founded.

Small is beautiful and bountiful. With fewer guests and a high staff to guest ratio, we can tailor our unobtrusive service to individual needs. And you can join a select on board community of travellers with similar aspirations. The intimate ambience on our shιps has parallels with the atmosphere of a refined club. We are happy to sail against the tide. While most cruise lines build larger and ever-larger ships, we prefer to stay small. In this way we can preserve the special Silversea experience our guests have come to expect ... the intimate ambience, personal service and access to more intriguing secluded ports.


Our small ships are agile enough to visit more remote, lesser-known ports and to bring you closer to some of the world's greatest destinations. They can sail up narrow waterways into the heart of a city, they can navigate around tiny islands and they can tie up right at the dock while others must anchor offshore. In the world of upscale cruising, less is more... considerably more, as our seven small ships offer infinite opportunities across all seven continents.


Silver Cloud - 296 Guests Resembling a private yacht, Silver Cloud sets the standard of excellence as the inaugural ship. Recently refurbished in 2012, she provides the most intimate sailing experiences, the luxury of space and the ability to slip into exotic ports off the beaten path.

Silvel Wind - 296 Guests Embraces Silversea's most lauded features ... fewer guests, more space and highly personalised service. One of the most intimate ships, afloat, she is still large enough to offer multiple entertainment venues, plenty of room on deck and a spacious spa.

Silver Shadow - 382 Guests takes award-winning, all-suite luxury to the next level while maintaining Silversea's genuine hospitality and intimate, elegant ambience. This ship features one of the highest space-to-guest ratios in cruising.

Silver Whisper - 382 Guests Maintaining an intimate ambience offers many amenities usually found only on larger ships. She reinforces Silversea's reputation for combining small-ship service with a choice of wide-ranging facilities.

Silver Spirit - 540 Guests combines our distinctive luxuries and celebrated lifestyle with new enhancements, including six dining venues, an expansive 8,300 square foot spa, a resort-style pool, four whirlpools, and the largest suites in the Silversea fleet - 95% with private verandas.


Silver Explorer - 132 Guests Designed for navigating waters in some of the world's most remote destinations, including both polar regions, our purpose-built expedition ship can push through ice floes with ease. She offers a level of luxury and service unmatched in expeditiong cruising.

NEW Silver Galapagos - 100 Guests With a proven skill for navigating the waterways throughout the Galapagos Islands, the newest addition to our fleet is naturally suited for in-depth explorations of this spectacular region. Rest assured, she offers Silversea's intimacy and elefgant sophistication.


from €6,350.00
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