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15 nights

15 nights cruise in Europe

with Silver Spirit
Departure Port
Athens (Piraeus) (Greece)
Ports of Call
Athens (Piraeus) (Greece),Istanbul (Turkey),Istanbul (Turkey),Trabzon (Turkey),Batumi (Georgia),Sochi (Russia),Odessa,Constanta,Ephesus (Kusadasi) (Turkey),Santorini,Athens (Piraeus) (Greece)
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Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey

Ephesus is the best preserved classical city in the Mediterranean, famous for its Greek and Roman architecture and probably the best place in the world to realize how life was in Roman times. Ancient history comes alive as you walk along the marble streets next to the traces left by the vehicls of the ancient years and overtake the temples, columns, houses and public baths. Visit the extensively restored Library of Celsus that once contained 12,000 scrolls.

Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Visit the capital of Modern and Ancient Greece and explore , the "Old City" of Athens, Plaka, with its neoclassical buildings and shops for gifts and souvenirs.
Climb the Acropolis hill, where the Parthenon Temple dominates, and enjoy the wonderful view. Also, take a trip along the beautiful Saronic Gulf - Cape Sounion and ancient Corinth, where you can sunbathe and admire thousand years of history.

Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is Georgia's best resort destination. The city has a beautiful architecture and a unique Botanical garden.

Batumi is Georgia's number one beach resort. The open waters of the Black Sea connect Batumi with Russian, Turkish and European ports. The architecture of Batumi is mostly Art Nouveau. The city has 2-3-storeyed buildings. Don't miss Batumi's superb Botanical Gardens that are located in the hills up against the coast. There you can find a unique combination of plants from totally different climatic zones. In the garden you can find 1200 types of rose and white magnolias.The scent of a white Magnolia blossom, fills Batumi night with peculiar mystery


Constanta lies on the western coast of the Black Sea, on the meeting spot of several trade routes. It's an ancient metropolis and Romania's largest port, with a long history of great interest, dating backin time about 2,500 years ago. Many Roman vestiges, historic buildings, facades and mosques depict the city's rich past.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is not only the meeting point of Europe and Asia, but also the place where history meets the modern world. Mosques, racecourses, luxurious palaces of Old Istanbul and what remains of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, will go you back in time. Admire amazing cultural and sacred sites such as the Agia Sophia. Visit the Dolmabahce Palace and see how the sultans of the Ottoman Empire were living.



Santorini is a unique island of extraordinary beauty and rich culture going back to praehistoric ages

Perched high above the beaches with black sand and crystal sea waters, access to Fira town becomes in three ways - by cable car, donkey or on foot. Regardless the way you choose to get there, the amazing sight of whitewashed houses that hang on the edge of the cliff will enchant you. Visit the site of Akrotiri , one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, and have a sightseeing tour to this prehistoric settlement, a city like Pompeii. Do not miss the opportunity to visit a local "Bodega" in the stunning village of Oia at the top of the cliff.


In Odessa, the Primorskiy bulvar seems to be the center of the world! Here you will be impressed by the coexistence of wonderful pictures. Walk through the beautiful tree-lined sidewalks with amazing residences of the early 19th century, relax in the City Garden, a green park "tumbling" towards sea and go up the famous "Potemkin Steps".

Sochi, Russia

Sochi is a large city located on the Black Sea coast in Russia. The amazing mountainous coastline with the beautiful shingle beaches are the reason for the city being a famous sea resort. This place is famous for its ethnic culture as it is one of the most multinational cities in the country. Museums, fortresses and monuments left as a legacy of the collapsed Soviet Union prove the rich history of the area. Parks, botanical gardens and wonderful waterfalls are the jewels of Sochi.

Trabzon, Turkey

Trabzon is a city on the Black Sea coast in Turkey and a vital trade port since times immemorial. Rich in history dated back in medieval times, a visit here will stay unforgettable. In the centre of the city, Aya Sofya Museum is a sight that should be seen. The Sumela Monastery is something out of a fairy tale. It a majestic rock-hewn monastery perched dramatically on a steep cliff in the forests of the city. It offers spectacular views and a wealth of history. This Byzantine capital is famous for its large bazaars and magnificent cultural treasures.

from €10,300.00
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Day City/Port Arrival Departure
1 Athens (Piraeus), Greece ------ 19:00
2 Cruising 00:00 00:00
3 Istanbul, Turkey 08:00 00:00
4 Istanbul, Turkey 00:00 18:00
5 Cruising 00:00 00:00
6 Trabzon, Turkey 08:00 18:00
7 Batumi, Georgia 08:00 21:00
8 Sochi, Russia 08:00 22:00
9 Cruising 00:00 00:00
10 Odessa 08:00 23:00
11 Constanta 13:00 20:00
14 Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey 08:00 23:00
15 Santorini 09:00 ------
16 Athens (Piraeus), Greece 07:00 00:00
from €10,300.00
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Silver Spirit

The newest vessel in the Silversea family, Silver Spirit offers the distinctive luxuries and celebrated lifestyle Silversea guests adore, plus enticing enhancements including Stars Supper Club, an Asian-themed restaurant, an expansive 8,300-square-foot spa, a resort-style pool, four whirlpools, and the largest suites in the Silversea fleet — 95% with private verandas. 

Ship Specifications
Crew:    376
Officers:    European
Guests:    540
Length:    198.5 m / 642 ft
Width:    26.2 m / 86 ft
Speed:    19.5 Knots
Tonnage:    36,000


from €10,300.00
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Silversea Cruises

Let us take you on a personal journey of discovery. Amid the tranquillity of the sea and the exuberance of distant lands, we will arouse your curiosity and seduce your senses. We will stimulate your imagination and spark new insights. Our aim is to create experiences that will enrich your life for years to come. From the moment you step onboard to the time you say "Arrivederci", our Italian sense of style will shine. The ebullience of our hospitality, the genuine warmth of our service and our evident appreciation of the finer things in life are genial qualities of our founders and owners. They are the principles on which Silversea were founded.

Small is beautiful and bountiful. With fewer guests and a high staff to guest ratio, we can tailor our unobtrusive service to individual needs. And you can join a select on board community of travellers with similar aspirations. The intimate ambience on our shιps has parallels with the atmosphere of a refined club. We are happy to sail against the tide. While most cruise lines build larger and ever-larger ships, we prefer to stay small. In this way we can preserve the special Silversea experience our guests have come to expect ... the intimate ambience, personal service and access to more intriguing secluded ports.


Our small ships are agile enough to visit more remote, lesser-known ports and to bring you closer to some of the world's greatest destinations. They can sail up narrow waterways into the heart of a city, they can navigate around tiny islands and they can tie up right at the dock while others must anchor offshore. In the world of upscale cruising, less is more... considerably more, as our seven small ships offer infinite opportunities across all seven continents.


Silver Cloud - 296 Guests Resembling a private yacht, Silver Cloud sets the standard of excellence as the inaugural ship. Recently refurbished in 2012, she provides the most intimate sailing experiences, the luxury of space and the ability to slip into exotic ports off the beaten path.

Silvel Wind - 296 Guests Embraces Silversea's most lauded features ... fewer guests, more space and highly personalised service. One of the most intimate ships, afloat, she is still large enough to offer multiple entertainment venues, plenty of room on deck and a spacious spa.

Silver Shadow - 382 Guests takes award-winning, all-suite luxury to the next level while maintaining Silversea's genuine hospitality and intimate, elegant ambience. This ship features one of the highest space-to-guest ratios in cruising.

Silver Whisper - 382 Guests Maintaining an intimate ambience offers many amenities usually found only on larger ships. She reinforces Silversea's reputation for combining small-ship service with a choice of wide-ranging facilities.

Silver Spirit - 540 Guests combines our distinctive luxuries and celebrated lifestyle with new enhancements, including six dining venues, an expansive 8,300 square foot spa, a resort-style pool, four whirlpools, and the largest suites in the Silversea fleet - 95% with private verandas.


Silver Explorer - 132 Guests Designed for navigating waters in some of the world's most remote destinations, including both polar regions, our purpose-built expedition ship can push through ice floes with ease. She offers a level of luxury and service unmatched in expeditiong cruising.

NEW Silver Galapagos - 100 Guests With a proven skill for navigating the waterways throughout the Galapagos Islands, the newest addition to our fleet is naturally suited for in-depth explorations of this spectacular region. Rest assured, she offers Silversea's intimacy and elefgant sophistication.


from €10,300.00
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