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12 nights

12 nights cruise in Aegean

with Celestyal Journey
Departure Port
Athens (Piraeus) (Greece)
Ports of Call
Athens (Piraeus) (Greece),Kotor (Montenegro),Corfu (Greece),Chania - Souda (Crete),Athens (Piraeus) (Greece),Istanbul (Turkey),Istanbul (Turkey),Mykonos (Greece),Mykonos (Greece),Ephesus (Kusadasi),Rhodes (Greece),Rhodes (Greece),Santorini (Greece),Athens (Piraeus) (Greece)
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Athens (Piraeus), Greece

Visit the capital of Modern and Ancient Greece and explore , the "Old City" of Athens, Plaka, with its neoclassical buildings and shops for gifts and souvenirs.
Climb the Acropolis hill, where the Parthenon Temple dominates, and enjoy the wonderful view. Also, take a trip along the beautiful Saronic Gulf - Cape Sounion and ancient Corinth, where you can sunbathe and admire thousand years of history.

Corfu, Greece

Known as the "Emerald Isle" because of its rich vegetation and timeless beauty, Corfu is one of the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean. The second largest of the Ionian islands, Corfu covers an area of 592 square kilometers. With the intense culture and incomparable beuaty coastline, Corfu was an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many artists and writers.

Chania - Souda (Crete)

The town of Chania is built on the ruins of ancient Cydonia. This historic city had been conquered by many invaders, who left traces of their culture, depicted on building faces, castles, walls, antiquities, monasteries and churches. Dominant position in the city center holds the Municipal market, a brilliant cross-shaped building which was completed in 1913, the analogue of Marseille.
The Venetian port is attractive to visitors and locals, both for its beauty and the entertainment it provides. The neighborhoods of the old city preserve their Venetian nobility. Narrow paved alleys are surrounded with tasteful renewed houses, from various eras, offering a pleasant stroll.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is not only the meeting point of Europe and Asia, but also the place where history meets the modern world. Mosques, racecourses, luxurious palaces of Old Istanbul and what remains of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, will go you back in time. Admire amazing cultural and sacred sites such as the Agia Sophia. Visit the Dolmabahce Palace and see how the sultans of the Ottoman Empire were living.


Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, the most cosmopolitan island in Europe with the most beautiful beaches.

Mykonos is an island of Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. Mykonos was a famous touristic destination since 1960. Nowadays, the nightlife of Mykonos still is the most intense and interesting throughout Europe. Here you will find picturesque villages with whitewashed houses and cobble paved narrow streets, with open door cafes serving Greek specialties. Taste delicious frash seafood from the deep blue Aegean Sea and visit the nearby island of Delos, the island of Apollo with the Temple of Apollo and hellenistic mansions with beautiful mosaics.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a unique island of extraordinary beauty and rich culture going back to praehistoric ages

Perched high above the beaches with black sand and crystal sea waters, access to Fira town becomes in three ways - by cable car, donkey or on foot. Regardless the way you choose to get there, the amazing sight of whitewashed houses that hang on the edge of the cliff will enchant you. Visit the site of Akrotiri , one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, and have a sightseeing tour to this prehistoric settlement, a city like Pompeii. Do not miss the opportunity to visit a local "Bodega" in the stunning village of Oia at the top of the cliff.

Kotor (Montenegro)

In the southeastern edge of Kotor Bay, is located the namesake city, with its medieval color intact, a World Heritage site, under the protection of UNESCO. The walls of the city, stretching for 4.5 kilometers, were gradually growing over the centuries and nowadays create points with stunning view. The natural beauty is inherent in the rich history and tradition, and a host of cultural events organized every year in the region, attract many tourists to the medieval natural harbor of Adriatic. The traces of Illyrians, of the Roman culture,of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque era, are particularly strong and are reflected in the many attractions and monuments of different historical periods.

Ephesus (Kusadasi)

Ephesus and Kusadasi together form a captivating journey through time and modern delights on the Turkish coast. Ephesus, an ancient city steeped in history, whispers tales of its grandeur through awe-inspiring ruins that stand as a testament to its former glory. The Library of Celsus, the Great Theatre, and the Temple of Hadrian beckon travelers to immerse themselves in the architectural wonders of the past. Nearby, the bustling resort town of Kusadasi welcomes visitors with its sun-kissed beaches, vibrant bazaars, and lively marina. As a gateway to Ephesus, Kusadasi embraces the harmony of ancient marvels and contemporary delights, offering a unique blend of exploration and relaxation for those who venture to this picturesque region of Turkey.


Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is a beutiful greek island, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, in the eastern Aegean Sea. Walk in the ancient walled city, built by the Knights of St. John in 1309, and discover the fantastic architecture of the city and the impressive restored Palace of the Grand Masters. Go for a ride by car to the ancient village of Lindos to enjoy the stunning scenery around the towering rock where stands the temple of Athena of Lindos.

from €1,199.00
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Day City/Port Arrival Departure
1 Athens (Piraeus), Greece ------ 19:00
3 Kotor (Montenegro) 08:00 17:00
4 Corfu, Greece 08:00 14:00
5 Chania - Souda (Crete) 13:30 20:30
6 Athens (Piraeus), Greece 08:00 15:00
7 Istanbul, Turkey 15:00 23:59
8 Istanbul, Turkey 00:00 18:00
9 Mykonos, Greece 14:30 00:00
10 Mykonos, Greece 00:00 01:00
10 Ephesus (Kusadasi) 08:00 18:00
11 Rhodes, Greece 07:30 18:00
11 Rhodes, Greece 07:30 18:00
12 Santorini, Greece 06:30 ------
13 Athens (Piraeus), Greece 07:00 00:00
from €1,199.00
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This fare includes:

  • All port charges and gratuities included  
  • Complimentary dining 
  • Onboard entertainment  
  • Daily activities  
  • Specially selected meal drinks  
  • Complimentary $80 shore excursion discount


Welcome to the latest member of our fleet: the Celestyal Journey.
Representing a major new chapter for us, our new ship looks toward a future that will bring us ever closer to our guests as we explore Greece and the Eastern Med together. The Celestyal Journey will be at the heart of our commitment to go further and get closer to the incredible destinations we visit and will ensure we put our guests at the forefront of our award-winning Celestyal experience.

The Celestyal Journey is designed to give you more of what you love. Step aboard and make yourself comfortable in one of our 630 staterooms. With 149 Balcony Suites, 120 Junior Suites and 28 Suites plus options for ocean views, there is something for everyone.

Fresh towels and toiletries are delivered twice a day and your personal steward is on hand to deliver room service 24/7. All our cabins have adjustable air-conditioning, a hairdryer, a safe and TV. Suites also have a refrigerated minibar and an additional seating area.

from €1,199.00
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Celestyal Cruises


Your perfect cruise is in your hands. With endless options available to make your trip truly yours, from excursions, dining and everything in between, it’s never been easier to get the most out of your Celestyal getaway.  

Here at Celestyal Cruises, we’re incredibly proud of our global reputation for putting our guests first in everything we do. When you choose to cruise with us, we will ensure you’re choosing the freedom to create the perfect experience for you. And that starts with our fares.

Great value and a great sense of occasion 

In everything we do, everywhere we go, we stir the senses and explore new experiences together. Cruising the Mediterranean, visiting both iconic destinations and some so intimate that no other cruises can go there, we take you to a special place inside yourself to call your own. This is your journey. Your freedom to choose. Your epic Greek adventure.


We’re the number one choice for travelers to the Greek Islands and Eastern Mediterranean – a fact we love to share!

Our guests tell us it’s because we offer the only genuine Greek cruising experience. Passionate hospitality, intricate local knowledge, and the life-affirming spirit of adventure.

Our awards tell a similar story, with over 60 wins in 7 years. From ‘Platinum Guest Experience’ to ‘Best Itinerary’, we’re proud of them all. And we’re especially humbled by our first prize for ‘Cruise Line with the Greatest Commitment to the East Med Region’.


From launching programs in education, welfare and youth entrepreneurship, to making sustainability commitments and pioneering ethical business practices, we try to do our part.

‘Journey to Knowledge’ is one of the programs we’re most proud of. We bring interactive exhibits from the Heraklion Museum in Athens to remote areas on the Greek Islands. Since 2015 we’ve worked, learned and laughed with around 2000 students from Milos, Patmos, Samos and Ios.


All our office and ship management operations, from crew to hotel to technical, are certified by DNV, the biggest and most respected rating agency in the marine industry.

We’re rated in accordance with ISO 9001/14001 standards, which relates to quality and the environment. So you can cruise the Greek Islands and East Mediterranean with peace of mind.


from €1,199.00
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Accommodation on board in the booked category
On board dining (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
Complimentary wine, beer and beverages during food services hours
Port charges
A FREE 75€ discount coupon for pre-booked shore excursions
Hotel service charges/tips
Bus transfer from the ship to Mykonos town (if itinerary calls Mykonos)
Participation in on board activities and on-board facilities
Free access to pool area and gym

UPGRADE YOUR CRUISE EXPERIENCE TO CELESTYAL EXPERIENCE PLUS PACKAGE WITH: FREE Premium Drinks Package + FREE additional €75 Shore Excursion Discount + FREE 1 Hour Wi-Fi Access per day + 25% Discount on Specialty Dining Cost to upgrade to “CELESTYAL EXPERIENCE PLUS” package starting from: 3/4day €150 p.p - 4/5day €170 p.p - 5/6day €200 p.p - 7/8day €240 p.p - 9/10day €290 p.p - 12/13day €350 p.p - 14/15day €390 p.p - 16/17day €450 p.p - 21/22day €550p.p 

Optional shore excursions in ports of call
Transfers from/to embarkation port
*Travel & Covid insurance – Highly recommended
Spa & health treatments on board
On board purchases from the ship’s shops
Personal expenses and what is not explicitly mentioned in inclusions
*For more information and coverage limitations, please read the Insurance Terms & Conditions here. 


In order to confirm a booking, a deposit of 250€ per cabin is required and full payment 30 days before the departure.
For bookings made within 30 days before departure, full payment is required.
In order to complete a booking, and according to the company policy, it is necessary to provide full details of all participants (Full Name, Date and Place of Birth) as they are shown on your Passport(s)/ID(s) (depending on the cruise you have selected). It is also necessary to provide an Emergency Contact (friend or relative) and full contact details (Full name, Phone Number Mobile/Landline) of this person.


Children without ID who travel with their parents, need a valid passport.
Children with ID who travel with their parents, do not need a passport.
Children accompanied by one parent, must have the written consent of the other parent, in order to travel.
Children travelling with other relatives, must have the written consent from both parents, in order to travel.


Inside cabins: category IA-IB-IC have a 50% supplement to cruise price, port taxes excluded
Outside cabins: category XA-XBO-XB-XC-XD have a 50% supplement to cruise price, port taxes excluded
Balcony cabins: BA have a 100% supplement to cruise price, port taxes excluded
Suites: SJA-SJB-SJC-SG-SP have a 100% supplement to cruise price, port taxes excluded


Children (Between 2 and 11 years old) sharing the same cabin with two adults, pay the following:  3/4day 269€ - 4/5day349€ - 5/6day549€ - 7/8day 289€ - 9/10day 639€ - 12/13day 809€ - 14/15day 929€ - 16/17day 1019€ - 21/22day 1339€

Infants under 2 years who share the same cabin with two adults, pay the following: 3/4day 129€ - 4/5day 169€ - 5/6day 189€ - 7/8day 289€ - 9/10day 319€ - 12/13day 419€ - 14/15day 499€ - 16/17day 559€ - 21/22day 769€

90 days or more prior to sailing: €50 per stateroom administrative fee
89 – 30 days prior to sailing: loss of deposit amount
29 days or less prior to sailing: 100% cancellation fees/No refund except for port and service charges

from €1,199.00
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