The Celebrity Revolution: Communication Strategy

The Celebrity Revolution: Communication Strategy

Over the next 5 years Celebrity will invest $400 million in a fleet modernization program to enhance the ML and SL Class. This modernization program marks the largest revite investment that the brand has ever made and along with Edge it will ensure our modern luxury positioning.
We will leverage this significant brand moment, just as we did for Edge by architecting a campaign around our most compelling content - a new, enhanced fleet. We will focus on what matters most to the guest in order to grow demand and command a premium price for every vessel in the Celebrity portfolio.

Focus on What Matters Most: 
Enhanced accommodations
- Sleek, modern stateroom redesign
- Luxury Cashmere Bedding Collection
- Complete bathroom upgrade
- Enhance the Suite Experience with refreshed Michael’s Club and Suite Sun Deck
Additional staterooms and suites across the fleet
Culinary Enhancements
- Upgraded Oceanview Café and Main Dining Room.
- Potential new culinary concepts
Our modernized fleet will:
Showcase the Celebrity Revolution
Sustain our Modern Luxury positioning
Evolve the guest experience to stay on the forefront of modern luxury vacations
Attract and retain new-to-brand
Maintain price premiums for ML and SL class


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